Farm Home Business Ideas – Make More Money Off the Farm

Farm home business ideas are often, well, farming itself. But both farmers and farm spouses can create complementary farm home businesses in numerous ways, one of the best being an agritourism business from the farm… but don’t jump to conclusions about what agritourism is.

Agritourism is the many farm home business ideas that mean those who live on farms create complementary extra income by bringing people to the farm for various reasons in ways which help boost the family’s revenue. Perhaps local community or tourists from afar. But not all they attract are “tourists” in the traditional sense.

Farmers themselves, for example, may host school field trips onto the farm for $5 a head. Or farm spouses wanting to stay on the farm instead of going off to work may host quilting or writers’ workshops on the farm, teach Nordic walking and lead others on rural walking tours that start at the farm, or carve out a half acre to grow a u-pick flower patch and also teach fee-based flower arranging workshops.

One of my favorite farm home business ideas is from Blue Harvest Farm, a u-pick small-acreage blueberry farm. Many people come for the delicious berries starting in June. And with this audience already available, the wife of the farm, who loves pottery, sells her pottery from under a farm pavilion and gives potter’s wheel demonstrations to the farm customers. The farm provides customers for her pottery, and her art demonstration further attracts more customers to the farm.

There are legitimate reports of income in the $100,000’s for those who only open for agritourism during the October harvest. Some who are seeking farm home business ideas just want a small, starter stream of income to see how they like the process, and they might grow ornamental gourds and set up a roadside stand much like they sold lemonade as a kid. Then if there seems to be enough interest, they may expand into a full pick-your-own harvest festival.

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